5 Unique Fathers Day Gifts

By Jackie K Turner

Fathers Day rolls around once each year, and each year we kids begin scratching our heads, trying to determine how we will make Dad's day special and unique from the previous one. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that we've had years of Fathers Days before that so have tried all of the usual ideas and want something new and a bit different. So, let's get to it!

5 Unique Fathers Day Gifts

1. Ticket to the Footy 

Who says that Fathers Day gifts have to be something you wrap up and hand to him? Why not branch out and try doing an activity together? Memories can be so much more meaningful than "stuff" anyway, so why not go and have a father-child bonding time? Guys love their sports, so why not grab two tickets to the footy or cricket and plan an afternoon of it? If you happen to be of the female gender and couldn't care less about sport, take this as an opportunity to show an interest in your Dad's passion, and ask him to explain the game to you as you watch. (...and really, is going to watch a footy game really about the sport, or is it about the atmosphere of eating a meat pie, cheering, and watching the action around you?).

If you're looking for interesting ways of presenting the ticket to your Dad, go out and choose a small piece of AFL merchandise in his favourite team to wrap up and give with it.

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2. An Afternoon at the Park 

Plan a BBQ, get all the family together, and hijack your Dad for the afternoon! Take the cricket set or bocce balls, prepare the salads (if you're doing an extended family gig, get each member to bring their own meat and drinks to cut costs), find a nice park, and prepare to relax for the afternoon! Things to look for in a park - a playground for the kids, grassy areas for playing games, barbecues (or bring a portable one), and a sheltered picnic area in case of showers. 

Word the family up beforehand that there will be a time for sharing something Dad has meant to you over the years, or a special memory they have of Dad - make it a really honouring and fun occasion!

3. Personalized Gifts 

If you do want something to wrap up, personalized gifts are very meaningful. If your Dad has a unique name, go the extra mile and find an engraveable item he would like - having his name engraved on it will cost you less than $15, and will make for a gift he'll treasure.

Most guys tend to love their chocolate (or perhaps I should generalize and just say that most people enjoy their chocolate!), so a personalized mug filled with chocolates or his favourite candy, wrapped up in cellophane, makes a very sweet gift.

4. A Big Boys Toy With Coupon For A Time Out Together 

Buy a stunt kite for your Dad and plan a day out to try it together. Or build a model rocket together, or a car, or...

5. Novelty Gifts 

So your father may have everything, but there never seems to be an end to novelty gifts. These are great for a laugh, and chances are he doesn't have it yet! Self-stirring coffee mugs, flying monkeys, BBQ Branding Irons, and novelty alarm clocks are all bound to liven up the celebrations.

Does this give you a few ideas? Really, when you begin to think outside the box a little, the options are endless and you'll be set to come up with lots of Fathers Day gifts for the years ahead. With a little bit of planning and thought, you can create lots of happy Fathers Day memories with your unique Dad!